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Top Five Reasons to Become a Member

Did you know our annual membership pays for itself after your 9th class? And that's if you opted not to take advantage of the other wonderful benefits included.

Prior to starting Ascending Spirit, I would attend classes at least 3x/week at the yoga studio close to our home in Houston. My monthly subscription was ~$85-90 and I could attend an unlimited number of classes, but beyond that, my membership didn't offer much.

Here's what you need to know about the Ascending Spirit annual membership.

  • It's a flat fee.

  • You get 10 free classes: any combination of yoga, sound healing, or meditation.

  • We have classes at least three days a week and will have a minimum of 5-6 classes to choose from.

  • It offers discounts galore: 5% on private events, 5% on 1:1 services in the wellness center, 10% on merchandise purchases, 10% on workshops, retreats and specialty classes, and 10% off any of our great package deals.

  • Once a quarter we do a member appreciation event in the wellness center that includes a free gift, advice on the upcoming season and first access to clearance & upcoming season merchandise.

  • No blackout dates. Anytime we are open or teaching, you are welcome to use your membership.

  • Renews annually on the date of purchase.

  • Exclusive content & support

So why should you sign up?

Here are the top 5 reasons to become a member:

  1. The exclusive online content includes materials like:

    1. Online yoga instruction and classes

    2. How-to videos

    3. Online meditations & sound baths

    4. Video tips & tricks for the upcoming season

    5. Cooking videos & explanations

    6. Product reviews

  2. First access to clearance & new merchandise:

    1. Each season you'll have a 'member only' period of time to shop new arrivals and discounted merchandise

    2. Available online and in-store

  3. Ability to pre-register for the Spring & Autumn Cleanses

    1. Cleanses are limited in size (usually ~10-12 people)

    2. You'll have the ability to secure your spot before we open registration to the public

  4. Member-only events

    1. Quarterly member appreciation days

    2. Cooking classes

    3. Retreats

    4. Special events

  5. Once annual 30-minute Ayurvedic assessment

    1. A dedicated time to discuss your wellness goals for the year

    2. Tongue and pulse readings

    3. Review of previous year's results and actions

    4. Collective reflection on what's working and what could be improved


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