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Guided Meditation

Discovering your higher purpose, breaking old patterns of thought, releasing stagnant energy and emotions, can all be accomplished through meditation and pranayama (breath work). In Ayurveda, we believe prana is the life force that delivers nutrients, oxygen and energy to the body - essential for proper digestion, mental clarity and prevention of disease. When we are able to meditate and calm the endocrine and autonomic nervous systems - the two main systems of the body responsible for the flight or fight response - we naturally deliver prana to the stagnant and depleted areas of the body, mind and spirit. The unblocked energy is then accessible and available for use giving you a more balanced mindset and healthier outlook.

When the mind is quiet, the soul can be heard.

However, most people struggle to meditate due to time constraints, 'monkey mind', and shallow breathing. In our guided meditations, we offer tools and instruction to help you establish a meaningful and regular meditation practice. You'll gradually grow from novice to avid meditator, and will quickly reap the benefits as your body moves out of adrenal fatigue and into higher states of consciousness.

Group Meditation

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