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About Ascending Spirit

At Ascending Spirit, we help people and organizations achieve whole-hearted living and leadership without prescriptions, preservatives, chemicals or other harsh pollutants.


We couple yoga, sound healing, wholesome, organic foods, breath work, meditation, Ayurveda and other Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) healing modalities with accredited guidance and community engagement to help our clients come into the alpha and theta brainwave states where self-healing occurs.

By committing to our programs, products and services, clients are taught how to easily identify irregularities and imbalances (symptoms that often lead to various stages of illness) in the physical body and emotional state of mind. They are given protocols, tools, community support and a framework to return to a state of harmony and balance that is aligned to their individual needs, capabilities and desired outcomes.

As clients establish new practices, create neuroplasticity and gain greater awareness of their mind:body connection, they deeply feel the recalibration of their mindset and subsequent alignment of their body with a higher vibrational frequency. This directly impacts cellular-level functioning, and reintroduces essential intelligence (organization and structure) that either lies dormant, has been forgotten, and/or has been reprogrammed due to trauma. We aim to uncover our client’s natural state constitution prior to imbalance, and give them a safe environment to practice self-love and healing with guidance and resources.

Your health and wellness journey begins with YES!

Say YES to joy, contentment, beauty and love! YES to compassion, connection, self-healing and natural remedies! YES to improved mental clarity, abundance and vitality!

Overwhelmed with stress? 

Feeling dull, tired, or depressed?
Experiencing burn out, the sensation of 'tired but wired', or riddled with anxiety?
Combatting diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure or high cholesterol?
Not sure why you are irritable, angry, inflamed or judgmental?

It's time for an intervention!

If you regularly experience any of these conditions, it's time to bring your body, mind, heart and spirit into alignment. By moving  out of fight & flight, and training your body to enter alpha and theta brainwave states, you can naturally restore health and vitality.

At Ascending Spirit in Winter Park, Colorado, we help clients discover their soul's purpose, explore higher states of consciousness, and find balance using protocols based on Ayurveda, meditation, yoga therapy, sound healing and more.


How we help?


Using non-invasive, non-chemical therapies to release stagnant energy in the subtle and physical energy bodies, an individual can gently review trauma, programming, belief systems, relationships and other contributing factors to their health.

Our practice helps you gain access to the alpha-theta brainwave state by introducing activities, diet, and sound waves that help with:

  • Managing stress to reduce adrenal fatigue and rebalance endocrine response;

  • Retraining the lymphatic system to drain properly (cleanse), the digestive system to process and utilize nutrients more efficiently, and the nervous system to recognize true vs. perceived threats;

  • Entrainment of brain waves and heart rate through natural binaural and primordial sounds using a variety of instruments such as drums, Tibetan bowls, gongs, steel tongue drums, etc.;

  • Meditating and entering higher states of consciousness by slowing down the flow of thoughts, introducing lower lung breathing (increasing oxygen absorption to all the major organs) and decreasing heart rate;

  • Consuming and utilizing products made from all natural ingredients and materials; and

  • Minimizing exposure to and ingestion of harmful chemicals, pollutants, heavy metals, prescriptions, and more.

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