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Group Hiking

Workshops, Short Courses & Retreats

Ready for a wellness intervention? In our workshops and retreats, we spend several days connecting with nature, community and self while learning about heart & mind coherence, present moment awareness, nourishment appropriate for the season and embodiment of health and wellness.

These events are intended for curious individuals who want to learn and practice wellness with other like-minded folks in a beautiful setting void of interruptions from daily life. Each event offers an abundance of instruction, education, tips & tricks, hands-on practice, healing and camaraderie. You'll walk away with lifelong friends and a network of people eager to see your growth.

Group Yoga & Meditation

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Chris Florence - Granby, CO

Autumn Awakening Workshop 2023

"Allison has a wealth of knowledge, compassion, and intuitive insightfulness which makes any of her classes a wonderful learning experience. I loved learning about how our bodies need different foods and other ways to take care of ourselves through the various seasons of the year. This helped me ease up my "shoulding" on myself and become more aware of my daily routine and seasonal cravings. Looking forward to the next class!"

Katie Gumnic - Fraser, CO

Soul Collage Workshop 2023

"Creating a soul collage is an amazingly insightful process. Instead of deciding what I want to focus on or directing my thoughts toward a particular thing, I felt like I surrendered to images and thoughts as they caught my attention. This allowed me to take a path I didn't even think about following mentally, and the message I got from it has stayed with me ever since. I can't wait to do more."

Upcoming Workshops & Short Courses

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