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Corporate Wellness Programs

We create an intimate experience  to develop trust, authenticity, open communication, empathy, compassion & project  & time management skills - the tools needed for excellent teamwork and collaboration.  Utilizing our proprietary mind-mapping processes coupled with wellness practices such as yoga, breathwork, meditation, Ayurveda and more, we offer opportunities and practical deliverables for your team to become more aware of their energetic footprint.

Our Goal: Help you cultivate whole-hearted leaders that are actively practicing healthy habits and mindfulness for work-life balance, inclusion and stress management - leading their teams by example.
Our Secret Weapon
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Owner of Ascending Spirit, Allison Jurgens, was a former Vice President of Global Marketing in a Fortune 500 company managing a distributed team and a massive portfolio of products and services in B2B commerce. She has experience working in highly stressful environments (large & small), and has implemented many of the practices we teach with great success to help teams navigate the cyclical ups and downs of market dynamics, budget constraints, time pressures, mergers & acquisitions, and resource scarcity.

She developed the tools we utilize to help her stay grounded, establish boundaries, create lasting relationships, negotiate with awareness and cope with the daily stressors of being neurodivergent (ADHD & HSP). By creating a foundation of open communication, appreciating the value of time as a resource, establishing measurable goals and investing in training, she  often fosters a culture of positivity and inclusion - moving teams away from a mindset of 'soul sucking jobs' and into a creative space of unlimited possibilities.  The outcome -  a team of highly organized and motivated individuals recognized for their unique talents and delivery capabilities that feel empowered, engaged and supported.

Excited by these outcomes, Allison moved on to study a broad range of health & wellness practices to further refine her models. She now offers this coaching and mindfulness strategy to companies interested in prioritizing wellness to reduce turnover, improve morale, decrease miscommunication and restore value and recognition in their personnel.

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What is an energetic footprint?

Cascading outward like a pebble thrown in water, your thoughts create an energetic magnet attracting and repelling people, experiences and opportunities. One of our proprietary processes is to help leaders understand the impact of their emotions, actions, reactions and mental state on those around them and beyond.

Leveraging a mind map template we've developed called the Ripple Effect, we guide leaders and employees through a writing activity so they visually see how their actions create reactions and emotions with lasting impressions. To reduce workplace volatility, hostility and stress, this exercise is designed to bring awareness to behaviors, patterns, thoughts and stories that may need to be replicated or modified based on the unlimited ripple it creates throughout the organization. This is an energetic footprint.

With awareness and agency, we can then implement proactive measures to limit the negative impact our 'drop in the water' has on colleagues, customers, suppliers, family members and more. 

What We Offer

Our 30-day Wellness Challenge provides a structured program with activities, templates, deliverables and guided discussions that celebrates diversity and promotes goodwill, team work, collaboration, inclusion and empathy. It's designed to cultivate work-life balance by training leaders to practice mindfulness, present moment awareness and healthy habits to reduce workplace stress and hyper-reactivity.

Based on our experience, the most effective way to change employee morale and implement company-wide wellness is to take a top down approach whereby people managers set the example. With their actions, they give permission to their teams to honor work-life balance which then cascades throughout the entire organization.

Investing in a wellness program demonstrates a commitment to the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being of employees, and recognizes personnel as more than just human capital. It is one of the greatest gifts leaders can give with long-lasting benefits and value creation for both the company and the individual.

Below are some of the concepts and activities included in our 30-day Wellness Challenge Program:

  • A corporate-wide wellness audit

  • Leadership training and coaching

  • Mind mapping

  • Gaps & gains mentality

  • Team assessments

  • Goal setting

  • Communicating with compassion & empathy

  • Protecting your time

  • The role of diet & digestion in decision-making

  • Recognizing & celebrating neurodivergence

  • Abundance mindset training

  • Yoga

  • Breathwork

  • Meditation

  • Time & calendar chunking

  • Detoxing yourself & your environment

  • Dosha identification & practices for balance

  • Sound healing

Benefits of the 30-day Challenge

  • Improved morale

  • Less workplace stress and reactivity

  • Decreased absenteeism

  • Improved emotional intelligence

  • Stronger alignment and communication

  • Less confusion and frustration

  • Reduction in turnover

  • Increased employee satisfaction

  • Improved productivity, innovation & creativity

  • Greater empathy & compassion

  • Set of tools and practices that can be implemented across the organization

  • Understanding of the gaps and quick wins in your initiative

"Businesses with meditation programs for employees experienced a 520% profit increase and a 120% increase in employee productivity." - CompareCamp 2020 Research

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