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Nourishment for the Soul

NOW OPEN in Winter Park Station!

Autumn Awakening Workshop

UPDATE - New Class Added 1/2 Day Workshop in Granby

In this 3-part series, you'll be immersed into the world of Ayurveda with practical tips, tools and suggestions on how to ease into the beautiful season of Autumn with grace. Each class will take a deep-dive into practices appropriate for the upcoming season to help you maintain balance and prepare your body for the fat storing season of Winter.

Your health and wellness journey begins with YES!

Say YES to joy, contentment, beauty and love! YES to compassion, connection, self-healing and natural remedies! YES to improved mental clarity, abundance and vitality!

Overwhelmed with stress? 

Feeling dull, tired, or depressed?
Experiencing burn out, the sensation of 'tired but wired', or riddled with anxiety?
Combatting diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure or high cholesterol?
Not sure why you are irritable, angry, inflamed or judgmental?

It's time for an intervention!

If you regularly experience any of these conditions, it's time to bring your body, mind, heart and spirit into alignment. By moving  out of fight & flight, and training your body to enter alpha and theta brainwave states, you can naturally restore health and vitality.

At Ascending Spirit in Winter Park, Colorado, we help clients discover their soul's purpose, explore higher states of consciousness, and find balance using protocols based on Ayurveda, meditation, yoga therapy, sound healing and more.

Explore the many services and treatments we offer in our Winter Park, CO location. 


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Yoga in the mountains

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