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Specialty Classes & Events

Trying something new, coming into creative flow, and working with your hands actually helps to unite the two hemispheres of the brain.  As a society, we over-rely on our analytical thinking brain which increases beta brainwaves, and we often forget to create space for our intuitive nature. Our specialty classes are primers to nurture your creative spirit and can further your journey into self-awareness.

Whereas our workshops and retreats are multi-day getaways, trainings or deep-dive educational events, our specialty classes usually pick a specific topic or activity to be completed within a few hours or a day and are designed to unleash your inner child.

This is an important part of self-discovery as it opens the door for dormant or unexplored facets of personality, passion and talent to take center stage. When we are 'in flow' we are in a state of expansion, growth and openness - we suspend judgement and find joy. Flow is present moment awareness and helps us achieve alpha and theta brainwave states where connection to universal truth and consciousness resides.

This is the place where our soul shines and our spirit is unencumbered by fear.  Come play with us!

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Drink & Think: Mocktail Hour with a Lesson

Every other month we host a free Drink & Think at Headwaters Center for anyone interested in learning more about Ayurveda. These are a light-hearted overview that includes mocktails, snacks and a 15-minute guided meditation.

No upcoming events at the moment
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