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Ayurveda Consultations

In Ayurveda, we strive to treat the person as a whole, examining the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of the complete individual. As no two people are alike, we believe health and wellness should be personalized and unique. We teach our clients how to recognize subtle changes in their mood, appetite, digestion, energy and more, so they can course correct using simple tools such as food, herbs, yoga, meditation, and routine to improve their quality of life and regain vitality.  

Our approach is to examine daily practices, diet, personality, relationships (with self, others and environment), and self-care rituals so we can understand how and when imbalance occurs. We then create a multi-faceted program to restore harmony that includes appropriate foods, herb recommendations, yoga poses, and breath work. This approach offers a better understanding of what triggers a symptom (physical expression of disorder and disease), and aims to treat the underlying root cause.

Ayurvedic Doshas

Autumn Awakening Workshop

This is a great opportunity to explore natural remedies for Fall and learn how to maintain balance for the upcoming season. Two locations and dates to choose from (Fraser & Granby) beginning September 9th.


Ayurveda 1:1 Services - Book Appointments Online

All first-time visitors, please utilize the 'Initial Consultation' 1.5 hour booking service to schedule an appointment. This will afford  us time to review paperwork and discuss your health situation thoroughly.

Returning clients who have already completed an initial screening can utilize the 60-minute appointment option.

Confirmation and appointment reminders  will be sent to the email you provided along with any necessary pre-consultation paperwork.

Please Note: We offer a full refund if you cancel your appointment during regular business hours for any reason 72-hours prior to your appointment time. Cancellations over the weekend are not accepted. Please review our cancellation policy thoroughly prior to booking.

What to Expect During Your Visit ...

During an assessment, we will evaluate your tongue, eyes, nails, pulse, and more to understand which doshas have begun to accumulate in the body.  We then create a tangible action plan together with you that allows you to be in charge of your health & wellness. Upon implementing your personalized program, we will monitor key indicators and modify as