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Integral Sound Healing

All of creation is composed of energy - nanoparticles vibrating at different frequencies. With integral sound healing, we use a variety of instruments to create entrainment and resonance at cellular, subtle energy, physical and spiritual levels.

Did you know every organ, cell, biochemical response, muscle, bone, and complete systems within the body have unique frequencies at which they achieve optimal performance? When we don't fully process trauma, release stress, become present with our fears and and emotions, or we eat poorly we create new biochemical responses that are stored in our physical and subtle energy bodies. This creates dissonance and introduces changes that often lead to disease.


Balance is restored when these aspects of self are aligned and vibrating at their proper frequencies. Our integral sound healing sessions are a beautiful and fun way to facilitate healing in a non-invasive manner. Our body's natural healing response is provoked during the sound bath and through your intention and our guidance, we aim to create the optimum conditions for healing.

Tuning Fork for Sound Healing

1:1 Sound Healing - Book Appointments Online

Confirmation and appointment reminders  will be sent to the email you provided along with any necessary pre-consultation paperwork.

Please Note: We offer a full refund if you cancel your appointment during regular business hours for any reason 72-hours prior to your appointment time. Cancellations over the weekend are not accepted. Please review our cancellation policy thoroughly prior to booking.

What to Expect During Your Visit ...

During a private treatment, you'll be immersed in the wonderful world of sound while lying on a heated massage table.  We utilize a variety of instruments including singing bowls, tuning forks, drums, chimes, bells and more to help you deeply relax, and will target your particular health concern with intention, placement and sound.

Using frequency ranges specific to your ailment or goal, we play on and off the body to allow the vibrations of the instruments to do the healing. This restores resonance and harmony, ultimately entraining the cells and electrical impulses of the body back to their natural condition and innate intelligence. As the body relaxes and reduces the 'flight or fight' response, it lowers cortisol production and allows the parasympathetic nervous system to gently repair the body.


Your session will follow a format similar to the below:

  • Open discussion

  • Pranayama & heart coherence and connection with your therapist

  • 30-40 minutes of sound therapy

  • 5-10 minutes of silent integration

Depending on your constitution, we may utilize aromatherapy, crystals, heated blankets, and/or asanas (poses) during the session. 

Open Group Class Schedule

If you are looking for a community of sound bath lovers, try one of our open group classes. We offer several throughout the week at various locations in Grand County, Colorado. Visitors to the area are welcome!

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