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Wine: Little Known Facts

Updated: Apr 14

Many of you know I've not always had a great relationship with alcohol. I used it to escape and numb, to reduce stress and anxiety, and to 'have a good time' because quite frankly I enjoyed being buzzed. This year (2024) I've opted to practice a year of sobriety for a couple of reasons.

  1. I want to cultivate my psychic abilities.

  2. I'm curious if there will be any monumental shifts in my health & well being.

  3. Since my late 30s, I've started experiencing hangovers and inflammation even from a smallest amount of alcohol. (Doesn't seem to matter what kind.) With a year off from drinking, I'm curious if I'll experience a profound decrease in inflammation.

  4. Mental stamina and willpower - Can I do it??

But now that I've listened to this podcast with Dr. Jeff Krasno and Todd White on the ins and outs of wine-making, I'm really interested to try (Don't worry...I'm not falling off my sober wagon just yet! It's gonna take more than a thought-provoking podcast episode.)

First ... I'm a big fan of Jeff Krasno. I like his style, tone of voice and the content on Commune is right up my wellness alley. But the episode below was so darned informative!! I don't know why I'm surprised the American government and FDA allow known hazardous chemicals into the process, but WOW!

It's no wonder I was so afflicted with inflammation and hangovers even after the tiniest bit of wine!

I thought it was the sulfites naturally occurring in wine that were giving me grief, but it turns out it could have been any number of things (see some of the links below). The ingredients allowed in US wine-making is terrifying! I am seriously questioning whether the inflammation and histamine response in my body was to fight off the alcohol itself, the chemicals and preservatives, or both.

In this episode, I learned:

  • Alcohol content revealed on the label DOES NOT have to be accurate.

  • Dimethyl Dicarbonate is a chemical commonly used in wine production.

  • Most wine isn't vegan (WHAT??)

  • Dry farming saves billions of gallons of water annually.

  • US wine makers are saying they can't include all their ingredients because it wouldn't fit on the label. (And here I thought it was just fermented grapes?)

I had no idea the amount of additives and chemical agents goes into wine to speed up fermentation, remove water, add clarity, enhance color, AND MORE.

Check out what these other natural winemakers and food magazines are saying about the additives.

Mind blown. Maybe I'm just late to the party, but did you know this is what we are drinking? I was clueless. May this episode bring you insight and a moment of pause before buying a bottle of wine.

Happy listening!!

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