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The Messages of 2023

What I learned from Soul Collage this year...

  1. Progress doesn't have to forsake tradition. Be open to improvement, but honor the elders and wisdom of those who paved the way. Take time to enjoy and surround yourself with nature's beauty. The flowers fulfill some of their purpose when we stop to marvel at their presence. Even parasites are God's creatures and deserve to be witnessed, loved and respected as part of the fabric of life. He/she/it belongs.

  2. Be gentle and kind with your eyes and face for they are uniquely yours. Swim in the depth of another's eyes, the gateways to the soul. Step into the full expression of yourself and you will know power. Power doesn't require force, but rather an acknowledgement of others and yourself as one in the same. Your job is to find and project your values. Never doubt your connectedness and the part you play; it is important and necessary. Your colony is forming and there are more of you than you realize. The beauty is in the quiet formation of this tribe that will band together to gently nudge the world back into balance. A playful spirit and a true heart are the job requirments, so flow with abundance and work your magic.

  3. Celebrate the joyous occasions and allow the feeling to penetrate deeply into the spiritual body of your essence. For this is one of God's greatest gifts and universally available to all who choose to revel in their mere existence. You are exactly who you are meant to be. No amount of striving, doing and achieving can change that course because it is still a part of you and your journey. You are the gift and example ... no amount of worry, fear or doubt will change that trajectory. The gifts you bring and offer are enough. Look for and cultivate those moments of tenderness between fathers and daughters. The male figure in a young girls' life can be influential in giving her the confidence and security to rise up rooted in harmony with men.

  4. Bathe in laughter and joy; contentment is yours. Stay open to the possibilities and don't create limitations of the mind. You are boundless and infinite. See beyond what's visible. Listen to the wisdom of the trees and hear the song of the wind...when spirit moves you; create. When you feel disconnected, take and a walk and wonder like a child.

  5. Dig deeper. Look beyond the surface without the eyes; hear without the ears; feel without the fingers and skin. Reconnect with your soul and its infinite pool of wisdom and love. Witness the transformation within you that leads to connection, compassion, respect and love. Know that smoke is an illusion meant to distract, create chaos, instill fear and diminish the senses. Acknowledge your guides and ask for help. Don't fear me. I am life-giving and sustaining. Invite me into your life so I can nourish you. Be open to floating aimlessly without need to control. I will provide bouyancy and lightness. Embrace what is. Look it in the eyes and acknowledge it for what it is. Find stillness and peace despite the chaos. Be the beacon of resonance and bring back coherence.

  6. Nature is limitless so why try to 'box' and categorize it to fit your limited experience and point of view? Appreciate what is now without the need to belittle or speculate on the authenticity of the moment. Find meaning in odd groupings and look for the similarities instead of the differences. See and feel the cycles of life, but know they are just that - cycles. The phases are part of the ride and the heaviness is there to remind you of lighter times.

  7. The herd is there behind you, if only you will turn around. You are never alone. When I feel insecure or ungrounded, I revert to books and demonstrating my value from learned and memorized facts. When I am grounded, I communicate from a place of love and can demonstrate my value without need for validation. Stop trying so hard and acknowledge that all seeds grow at varying rates and with varying degrees of toil. Regardless of your effort, they have been planted and the universe knows which ones should take root & grow.

  8. I honor and see you as a friend, a companion, a human and a beautiful soul. Thank you. Don't hold it in. Anger and fear are natural, but they create chaos in the energy field when suppressed. Monitor why injustice provokes you. You want to protect the beauty, but in this destruction there is beauty in how the color is revealed. Remember and honor your abundance.

  9. Offer compassion and love to the frail, weak, small, helpless and sick. For every life is valuable, precious and worthy. Hold tenderly the young and provide security; and they will flourish. Come. Answer the call. Be wild and embark on the journey of memory-making. Share your gifts with others and allow them to share theirs with you. You are small, but still connected. You have no reason to fear. Quiet your mind and meet me in this temple. I am waiting for you. The temple isn't the destination. The mountains and valleys are my creation, but you are the steward. Enjoy and always remember your place in caring for My world. Meet me in the temple of your heart, and you will know me. And by knowing me, you will find peace.

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