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The Light

I am not a warrior, but have a fearless heart.

I am not a prophet, but see a bright future.

I am not a saint, but I desire peace and simplicity.

I shine brightest when it's dark.


I can dance and move gracefully with the wind, but I am not mobile.

You can see me, but can't touch me.

You can feel my presence, but choose to look the other way.

I am always with you; yet you fear me.

I am heard only in the quiet stillness between breaths.


People try to tame me, but I won't be contained.

Fear attempts to extinguish me, but I will never go out.

You can blunt me with sharpened words and knives, but I will never be dulled.

For I am the light - a beacon of hope and symbol of love.


(c) Allison Jurgens 2023

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