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Member's Portal Preview

Here's what's in store for our annual members...

Did you know we have 3 amazing Annual Memberships to help fit any budget and schedule? My goal is to help people gain access to valuable wellness and health practices that would otherwise take hours of research and trolling the internet to find. In the Member's Portal, I've curated and created content that can be used as preventative medicine so you can activate all-natural healing from the comfort of your home. Below is a sample of some of the things you can find on the portal, but you can also begin a 7-day free trial to check out all the content and perks.


I have several videos on how and when to leverage yoga and pranayama (breathwork) to address specific symptoms, illness, and ailments. They offer complete demonstrations of the various poses and breathing techniques, and you'll also find full practices. Two examples below.

Guided Meditations & Sound Healings

You'll also have access to guided meditations and sound healing recordings along with helpful exercises and techniques to take your practices deeper. (Sadly, my website tech won't allow me embed two sample clips in this blog, but you can start a free 7-day trial to listen to a few.)


One of my favorite places to visit on the portal is the recipe section. Cooking Ayurvedically doesn't mean eating only one type of cuisine. It means implementing food combinations that would be appropriate to support great digestion and also to eat seasonally. In this section you'll find several recipes for meals, drinks, snacks, condiments and other fast, whole foods eating. Below is a recipe for Quinoa Tacos. You can easily make this recipe carnivore-friendly by replacing the quinoa with ground chicken or beef. Enjoy!

Ayurveda Knowledgebase

As an add-on or a standalone membership, the Ayurveda Knowledgebase is an awesome resource for individuals that want to implement these ancient practices into their daily lifestyle. In this section you'll have access to dosha quizzes, practices to balance the doshas, herb recommendations, digestion assessments, seasonal practices, annual cleanse details (accessible only during cleanse time), and eBooks. If you are a current Ayurvedic student or client, the Knowledgebase will allow you to expand upon the protocol you've been given and help you understand the 'why' behind the recommendations. It's also the area where you'll find the tools to practice home-healing with excellent resources and support.

Worksheets, Challenges & Scorecards - Coming Soon

An exciting new area of the portal will be launching soon! It will be accessible to all members and will include loads of ways to help you achieve your health & wellness goals. Track your progress, participate in monthly or quarterly challenges with our community or compete with your family and friends to make wellness a natural part of your daily routine. In addition you'll find tools such as daily logs, meal planning worksheets, a wellness calculator and more.

Writing & Soul Searching Exercises

Get to know yourself on a soul level and fall in love with you! In these exercises we encourage you to take a moment to challenge your beliefs, investigate your expectations and explore the nooks and crannies of your heart, mind and spirit. Learn what truly motivates you and how to stay engaged with life. An example of one journal exercise can be found here:

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