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Concept of More: Good or Bad?

Here's a question for you... do you need/want more? Why do I ask? I sat in on a worldwide live broadcast yesterday of Matthew McConaughey which was equal parts entertaining and interesting (as expected). He was building on to the concepts laid out in his awesome book, Greenlights, (recommend the audio version) and was trying to give people a process and formalized structure to apply in their life. The All Star line-up of hosts for the Art of Livin' event (Tony Robbins, Trent Shelton, Dean Graziosi & Marie Forleo) kept asking the audience what they want more of, and quite frankly... it stumped me. People wrote all sorts of things: money, love, food, patience, success, time, material wealth, peace, etc.

If your wish were granted today and you suddenly received MORE, would that not also bring MORE expectations, burden and responsibility? Would you not cram the day full of MORE to-do's, MORE stuff, MORE activities, MORE behaviors that may or may not serve you? Would it not create a new want for MORE of something else to restore balance because of the MORE you just received?

This whole discussion got me thinking, "How do you know when you've reached the pinnacle... when your cup is full and you don't want more?"

I mean, ultimately you are the judge, are you not? You are the only one who's measuring. So what are you measuring and based on what standard? Who created the standard? How did you come into the idea of seeing what you lack as a need? Is it truly a need or is it really just a want in disguise?

What if, instead of wanting more... we practice being grateful and present with what is and recognize the difference between wants and needs? You may be thinking that it's easy for me to say... I have everything. But do I? I'm not immune to wanting more love, but I'm AWARE the kind of love I seek isn't of the physical realm. Sure, I want more success, but I'm CONSCIOUS that with more success comes more time and energy taken away from my family, my self, and my purpose. And who doesn't want more money, right? But what would I do with it? Buy more stuff, do more stuff, 'engineer more green lights' that take me away from the here and now that's ENOUGH? Kind of a vicious cycle isn't it?

Today, I'm choosing to practice #EnoughIsEnough.




Let's share what we have and can freely with the inner-truth to KNOW it is ENOUGH.

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