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Chakra Balance Mala Necklace

Chakra Balance Mala Necklace


Glass and stone bead necklace with a tree of life charm to help bring balance, harmony and alignment for the 7 energy wheels in the body, the chakras.

  • Gemstone Intentions

    Rose Quartz - Unconditional love

    Green Aventurine - Strength, confidence & courage; heart chakra

    Purple Amethyst - Mental clarity and physical stamina; third eye chakra

    Blue Sodalite - Insight; throat chakra

    Yellow Aventurine - Awakening your personal will; solar plexus chakra

    Tiger's Eye (brown) - Intuition and gut instinct; solar plexus chakra

    Quartz (white) - Enlightment and true identity; crown chakra

    Carnelian (red) - Courage, power, creation & passion; root chakra

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