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Blanched Whole Almonds

Blanched Whole Almonds


Select from 2 available sizes: 2 lb and 1 lb bags.


✔️MILD DELICIOUS TASTE: Whole Blanched Almonds creamy and nutty, without a trace of bitterness, thats usually hidden in the skin.

✔️MINIMALLY PROCESSED: Blanching removes very little in terms of nutritional value, so peeled almonds are just as good for you.

✔️PROTEIN ANDFIBER: Almonds are a naturally good source of fiber and protein, as well as some vitamins and iron.

✔️INGREDIENT FOR SWEET AND SAVORY DISHES: Whole blanched almonds are versatile as a cooking ingredient and will taste great in both salads and desserts. ✔️HOMEMADE ALMOND BUTTER & MILK: Use blanched almonds to make delicious and creamy nut milk and butter.

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