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Sea Witch Botanicals Incense Packs

Sea Witch Botanicals Incense Packs

$12.99 Regular Price
$9.74Sale Price

The motto of Sea Witch Botanicals: Breathe Plants, Not Plastic. These incense use no synthetics, are certified vegan, and smell delicious. Each package contains 20 sticks that have been lovingly prepared with all-natural ingredients. Sticks will burn for 30-45 minutes and you can choose from five fabulous flavors: White Lodge, Green Fairy, Quoth the Rave, Herbal Renewal and Hermitage.


Why I love them: These have a beautiful aroma that doesn't leave my throat feeling scratchy when burning them. They work well in small and large spaces because they use essential oils instead of manufactured perfume. I love to use these during meditation and yoga practices.

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