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Autumn Cleanse Reservation & Deposit

12-Day Liver Detox and Fat Metabolizing Cleanse

  • 15 min
  • 250 US dollars
  • Ascending Spirit Wellness Center

Service Description

It's time for the twice annual cleanse! The reset between winter and spring is a crucial time to let go of mucus, fat and sluggish digestion so your body has more resources to fight seasonal allergies. During the spring cleanse we reset metabolism, hormones, lymph drainage, cortisol and digestive enzymes to create a healthy gut microbiome that supports immune function. Did you know the primary site for lymph is in the gut? Your lymphatic system is responsible for removing waste and toxins from the body. During winter we tend to eat heavier foods that create bile sludge and liver stagnation. As the liver becomes overtaxed, the body begins to store unprocessed food, chemicals, heavy metals and more in the adipose tissue (fat layer). With the increase in fat tissue and the constriction of blood vessels, it's harder for the body to break down food and move lymph. When lymph can no longer drain properly, we set the stage for disease and tissue damage to occur. To burn off the slow, dull, sluggish and heavy feeling of winter and the excess fat, we cleanse and reset the liver by getting bile and the body moving. In this 12-day cleanse, people feel rejuvenated, gain mental clarity, lose weight, improve sleep and reset the GI system with a healthy gut biome. We can only support 12-15 people during the cleanse. It will be on a first come, first served basis. You can choose the level of support you desire from several available options. Once you have paid your non-refundable deposit, you will be given detailed instructions and regular support to help you with this transformative cleanse. Your deposit is your reservation and will be applied toward the cleanse option below of your choice. (Remaining balance will be due on March 20th.) Cleanse Options: - Cleanse and Check Ins Only $285 - Cleanse, Check Ins + Body Care Products (tailored to your doshic constitution) $400 - Cleanse, Check Ins, + Food (8 days of breakfast & lunch + 12 meals of kitchari) $550 - All Inclusive (Cleanse, Check Ins, Body Care Products + Food) $685 During this 15-min consult, we'll discuss next steps.

Contact Details

  • Ascending Spirit Wellness Center

    79050 U.S. 40, Winter Park, CO, USA

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