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Bee-och Bourbon Room Mist

Bee-och Bourbon Room Mist

$32.00 Regular Price
$24.00Sale Price

This smells delicious and isn't feminine like most room sprays. We love that it's USDA certified organic, made in Colorado and has lovely masculine aroma. Comes in 4 oz spray bottle.  Main ingredients are distilled water, bourbon, and a variety of essential oils.


Why I love it: Can I just say wow? I am blown away by the scent! This room spray is subtle, earthy and a little spicy. I often feel like men's cologne and aftershave is so overpowering and leans more toward an assault on your olfactory cells. But not so with this aromatic. It's just the right combination of richness that reminds me of leather, a fresh brandy-laced unsmoked cigar and cardamom. YUM!

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